Nasser Professional

A Software Company & Design Agency


We are a software company that designs everything in house. We design software, apps,websites. We even produce our own music and work on many other projects.


Nasser Professional was founded in 2012 by Nasser Shafiq. We started out as a PLC (public limited company) and became private.


Nasser Shafiq started programming as early as the age of 8.
He realised how good he was with computers so he went onto designing software and publishing it as "Nasser Professional".
Nasser setup his first website to publish software under which was just a free website at the time which later became
In 2012 Nasser decided it was time to make Nasser Professional more than just a website which was the start of Nasser Professional PLC.
In 2016 the company became private.

What we do

Web Design

We can design a professional website for you or your business

App Design

We can design apps for you or your business.


Wenlock Barn TMO

A website we designed for Wenlock Barn TMO in London.

Cranston TMO

A website we designed for Cranston TMO in London.

From The Roof Down

A website we designed for From The Roof Down in London.

Evoque Wordpress Theme

A wordpress theme we designed.

Effectuate Design

A website we designed for Effectuate Design in Manchester.

Nasser Professional

A website we designed for Nasser Professional.

Nasser Professional

A website we designed for Nasser Professional.

Nasser Professional

A website we designed for Nasser Professional.


A software we designed to extract .swf files from Adobe Flash Exe Projectors

Nasser Resource Viewer

A software we designed to view resources inside exe,dll files.

Nasser Alien Server

A server software we designed.

Nasser FX

A software we designed for creating flash animations.

Love Calculator

A fun love calculator app we designed.

My Past Life

A fun app we designed that predicts who you were in your past life.

Holy Bible King James

An app we designed that lets you read the bible.

Say It

An app we designed that speaks 21 languages and converts text to speech.


Nasser Professional have consistently proved themselves to be professional. We are very satisfied with the work they did on our website. Highly recommended for those who demand excellence and nothing else.

Nasser Professional is excellent, the turn around time is first class and timely with no jargon. If I wanted to make any changes they did them immediately. They dealt with any problems with speed and efficiency. We highly recommend them.

We hired Nasser Professional Ltd to design a website. Within 5 working days we had our website up and running. The website works on phones tablets everything and we are very pleased with that. We are now working with them to update our website monthly for the past year. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a professional.

Nasser Professional has worked closely with us to design our website. We used their services to design a new website to ensure the website not only reflected our business but our vision in taking the products and company forward. They are very friendly and worked hard to make the changes we needed until we were happy. Their commitment to getting the site right can be seen in the end result. I would definately recommend them to other businesses.

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